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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning


Lifelong Learning is one of the five thematic areas identified in 2011 as the priority areas of Belfast Strategic Partnership’s work. A working group was established and tasked with driving forward this work on behalf of BSP.

The Lifelong Learning thematic group has developed a strategy called ‘Belfast a Learning City’ to set out a vision of Belfast where learning is used as a positive force to expand and enhance life chances for all citizens of all ages in Belfast.

Our vision

“Belfast is a city where learning is promoted in all its forms and promoted as a force for improved personal, social, civic and economic change in the city. All people in Belfast have equal access to lifelong learning opportunities, creating conditions for a better quality of life for everyone in the city.”

Belfast a Learning City

‘Belfast a Learning City’ was launched in Belfast City Hall on 10 February 2015.

Speaking at the launch, Danny Power, Chair of the Lifelong Learning thematic group, said, “Through this strategy, we believe we can better address the needs of all Belfast citizens and deliver better outcomes for the city through a targeted, focused and collaborative approach to lifelong learning. We will use the Learning Charter for Belfast as the key vehicle to deliver on this new approach for the city.”

As a follow up to the launch of “Belfast a Learning City” the Lifelong Learning Group organised the first Belfast Festival of Learning which took place in March 2016.  The theme of the Festival was “Learning for All”, and aimed to put people at the heart of learning, inspire interest and enjoyment in learning.

The Festival was designed to showcase the wide range of accessible learning opportunities that exist in the city for people of all ages.  The Lifelong Learning Group aims to build on the success of this first festival and work with our partners to make Belfast a Learning City for all.

Aim of Lifelong Learning Thematic Group

To act as the main vehicle in BSP on:

  • advocating for strategic approaches which maximise the role and potential of lifelong learning in addressing life inequalities in Belfast;
  • encouraging innovation in lifelong learning practice through developing flagship examples and using BSP to influence change.