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Interesting in becoming a Choose to lose facilitator?

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If YES then continue reading for more information on ‘Choose to lose’ community weight management programme!

‘Choose to Lose’ is a community based, peer support, weight loss programme for adults designed to be delivered in a group setting in order to empower overweight/obese participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The programme is delivered by people working within the community (facilitators) with training and support from dietitians.

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Choose to lose’ facilitator please read the ‘Guidelines for organisations and facilitators to deliver the programme’ for full details on who ‘Choose to lose’ is suitable for, the role of a ‘Choose to lose’ facilitator, what is required from a ‘Choose to lose’ facilitator and further information for managers.

To apply, please complete and return a Choose to lose application form  & Facilitator declaration form  together with the signed Managers declaration form by 10 November 2017.

To discuss ‘Choose to lose’ further feel free to contact the Community dietetic Health & Wellbeing team on  or call 028 9504 3068.