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Age-friendly Belfast Living Life to the Full Campaign

Over the past few months we launched our living life to the full campaign.

It highlighted that older people work, volunteer, provide care and take part in community and family life.

We now want to find out how effective our campaign has been.

Please help us do this by completing our short questionnaire below.

Living Life to the Full – Online Survey

You can read about our contributors stories by clicking the links below

Eamon & Anne’s Story

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Sam’s Story

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Janet’s Story

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Eleanor & Billy’s Story

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We have just launched our ‘Living Life To The Full’ campaign! We hope you will join us in showing how older people in Belfast are ‘Living Life To The Full.’

The campaign aims to show how older people contribute to society in a positive way through:

Overall, older people are valuable to society because of their financial and non-financial contribution, which the ‘Living Life To The Full’ campaign acknowledges and supports.

As part of the campaign, advertising can be seen across Belfast on buses, bus stops, billboards, online and on radio to demonstrate how older people contribute to society.

Butcher Sam Glen, took part in the campaign and said: “It’s a pleasure for me to pass on 45 years of experience and hopefully someone will take over from me someday.”

Listen to our radio advert here and don’t forget to complete our Living Life to the Full – Online Survey