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Take 5 everyday to help your Emotional Wellbeing


The Belfast Strategic Partnership’s (BSP) Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Thematic Group launched a Take 5 campaign across Belfast today. The campaign is aimed at strengthening our Emotional Wellbeing.

There are five simple steps (developed by the New Economics Foundation) that we can all take to help improve our Emotional Wellbeing every day. These are:

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of Emotional Wellbeing and what we can all do as individuals, communities and as a city to promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities .

As part of the campaign, a Take 5 leaflet is available online and campaign advertising can be seen on Belfast buses, bus stops, billboards and radio.

Irene Sherry, co-chair of the BSP’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Thematic Group, said: “The Take 5 campaign aims to help Belfast people improve their Emotional Wellbeing. We know from our findings in the ‘Have Your Say Belfast’ 2013 Survey that there is a need to develop a focused and life course approach to mental health and the start of a new year presents an ideal opportunity for people to focus in on these simple steps, with renewed vigour, which in turn can see their mental health and Emotional Wellbeing improve.”

Dr Eddie Rooney, Public Health Agency’s Chief Executive and Co-Chair of the BSP added: “Many people will find they are already using the Take 5 steps in their everyday life. This campaign is about helping them recognise these behaviours, in order to strengthen  these positive skills, and if there are people who haven’t considered  ‘Taking 5’, we’re asking them to build these five steps into their daily lives. Think of them as your ‘five-a-day’ for your Emotional Wellbeing.”

In addition, Groundwork NI, as one of the organisations helping support the campaign, will be holding Mindful Walks across Belfast:

Date                     Location                     Time

17/01/15              Falls Park                     12.00pm (West)

24/01/15              Victoria Park                 12.00pm (East)

31/01/15              Woodvale Park             12.00pm (Shankill/North)

07/02/15              Ormeau/Botanic Park   12.00pm (South)

14/02/15              Waterworks                   12.00pm (North)

Further information on Mindful Walks is available on:


Further Information:

For all media enquiries contact Debbie McGrory, Communications Officer on 9050 2073 or email

For further information on the Take 5 campaign, email: or Martina.Mullin-O’ or telephone 9050 2073.

Photo caption: Pictured at Take 5 outdoor advertising are (L-R): Dr Michael McBride, Chief Executive Officer, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust; Dr Eddie Rooney, Chief Executive Officer at the Public Health Agency; Jackie McBrinn, Manager, Belfast Health Development Unit;  Suzanne Wylie, Belfast City Council Chief Executive Officer;  Irene Sherry and Barney McNeany – Co-Chairs of the Belfast Strategic Partnership’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Thematic Group.

Notes to Editors:

  1. The Belfast Strategic Partnership (BSP) was established in February 2011 to address life inequalities, which are significant across Belfast and can be mapped against deprivation indicators. It is a multi-sectoral partnership with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast City Council and the Public Health Agency.
  1. The BSP’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Thematic Group’s (MHEWBTG) primary function is to develop and roll out a Building Emotional Resilience Strategy and Action Plan for the city of Belfast. The MHEWBTG, supported by the Belfast Health Development Unit, will take responsibility for the successful implementation of the strategy and Action Plan.  Following the consultation and based on the actions and objectives identified, a detailed Action Plan has been developed. Contact Jim Morgan on 9050 2073 or email
  1. The five simple steps of Take 5 were developed by the New Economics Foundation, ‘Five ways to wellbeing’:
  1. The Take 5 campaign runs from Monday 12 January to Friday 13 February 2015. To view the Take 5 leaflet visit:

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