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The Eatwell Guide

A healthy, well balanced lifestyle is important to us all. The Eatwell Guide, which replaces the Eatwell plate, was launched in Northern Ireland in April 2016. The Guide shows visually what we should eat to have a healthy, balanced diet. We should aim to achieve this balance over a day or week.

The Eatwell Guide is suitable for most adults and children over 2 years. Children younger than this have different nutritional needs.

The Eatwell Guide is also suitable for vegetarians and those of different ethnic origins. Anyone with special dietary needs may wish to check with their G.P. or a registered dietitian if the Guide is suitable for them to use.

The Guide was developed in response to consumer feedback and scientific evidence which shows people in the UK are eating too many foods high in sugar, fat and salt, and not enough fibre rich foods or oily fish in particular.

The Eatwell Guide shows the 5 main foods groups needed to have a healthy, balanced diet:

For further information click here to be directed to the NHS Choices Website.


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