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Choose to Lose | Community Weight Management Programme

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If YES then continue reading for more information on Choose to lose community weight loss programme pilot!

‘Choose to Lose’ is a community based, peer support, weight loss programme for adults designed to be delivered in a group setting in order to empower overweight/obese participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The programme is delivered by people working within the community (facilitators) with support from dietitians.

‘Choose to Lose’ phase 1 pilot was developed in Northern Health and Social Care Trust in association with Public Health Agency (PHA) with the aim of developing a regional evidence based group weight management programme and to update & replace current community weight management programmes such as ‘Weigh 2 health’. Following successful initial evaluations, in conjunction with PHA, it is now wished to commence ‘Choose to Lose’ phase 2 pilot all trust areas.

In Belfast this is being coordinated by the health promotion dietitians and who are keen to work with you on this!

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Choose to lose’ facilitator please read the attached document ‘Guidelines for organisations and facilitators to deliver the programme’ for full details on who ‘Choose to lose’ is suitable for, the role of a ‘Choose to lose’ facilitator, what is required from a ‘Choose to lose’ facilitator and further information for managers.

If you can meet the requirements outlined in this email and attached guideline please complete and return the Choose to lose application form & Facilitator declaration form together with the signed Managers declaration form.  Nb- to allow the pilot to be effectively evaluated it is important that you can attend all training dates (written above) and following training you are able to commit to delivering the programme for 12 weeks between January and March 2017 and participate fully in the monitoring & evaluation process.

To discuss ‘Choose to lose’ further please contact the Health promotion dietitian team on or 028 9504 2317.


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