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Active Belfast Participatory Budgeting pilot

Participatory budgeting is “Local People deciding how to allocate part of a public budget.”

The Active Belfast Partnership are taking forward the first ‘Test and Learn’ pilot of Participatory Budgeting (known as PB) within the Belfast City Council area under the auspices of the Belfast Community Planning Partnership (BCPP). Belfast Community Planning Partners and Belfast City Council will adopt learning from the Active Belfast pilot and this will be used to inform the development of future projects. PB is being used as it will increase community participation and citizen involvement in local decision making and priority setting. Local people will be directly involved in making decisions about where money goes within their community.

To support this, general awareness training has been arranged by Belfast City Council for staff and workers within the Statutory and Community Sector in Belfast who will be involved in PB and instrumental in its success.  This training will help increase awareness of what PB is and how it can be used in Belfast.

General Awareness Briefing – those that will be supporting the promotion of PB in local communities are invited to attend a general training on either 23 August or 7 Sept 2022.

Following the general awareness session an Active Belfast Design Team will be set up. This is a smaller team of representatives who will oversee the design and running of the Active Belfast PB in 4 areas of Belfast.

Those on the design team will need to attend the general PB training and the bespoke PB Active Belfast Design team training on 21st September 2022.

Roles and responsibilities for the members of the design group will be agreed and members will be briefed on what is needed of them in terms of input and time commitment. We are seeking a mix of knowledge from key workers in the field of community, physical activity, nutrition and older people.

What happens then?

Once the pilot is planned and launched we will need Community Officers to promote the Active Belfast PB in their local area, so we get as much community involvement as possible. There will be information sessions within each area, people will generate ideas and then vote for the best project or idea and Active Belfast will then fund it. There will be a celebration event to showcase projects.

We plan to commence this pilot within the 2022-23 financial year and delivery of local projects will follow later in 2023.