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Age-friendly Belfast Positive Ageing Month 2017 – be part of it!

Planning is well underway for Age-friendly Belfast Positive Ageing Month 2017. The Age-friendly Belfast team are collating material for this year’s brochure and would love to include as many of our arts and community groups, venues, organisations and projects as possible.

Last October over 5,000 brochures were distributed detailing over 200 fabulous events aimed at older people with a total footfall of around 10,000 participants.

The Age-friendly Belfast team coordinate Positive Ageing Month and rely on all of you to get involved and use the festival as an opportunity to showcase some of the incredible projects, events and ongoing work with older people you’re already doing.

The team are asking you to complete the registration form by Thursday 3 August 2017 if you would like to get involved.

Please read the information below to find out more about getting involved and don’t hesitate to email if you have any further questions.

What is Positive Ageing Month? Positive Ageing Month is a month long celebration of Belfast’s older people. It offers groups, venues and organisations an opportunity to showcase ongoing projects or programmes which might be of interest to older people. The festival is coordinated by the Age-Friendly Belfast team, and they will be running a number of bespoke events throughout the month. However, anyone can submit an event for Positive Ageing Month and we’ll include it in our brochure which is widely distributed throughout the city.

What sort of events are suitable for Positive Ageing Month?  Last year everything from bingo to bongo drumming, discos, sports, lectures, films, historical tours and walks was included. Our older people are an eclectic bunch and have varied interests so please feel free to come up with an interesting event which suits your remit. Your event can either be aimed specifically at an older audience, can just be a regular event you’re already holding which you think would be of interest to older people, or could be something not particularly aimed at older people, but engaging with the theme of Age and Ageing. We’re open to all sorts of ideas, the more creative the better. Events don’t have to be free. However, we would ask you to consider affordability and perhaps think about offering a reduced ticket price for seniors.

Why bother with Positive Ageing Month? Last year the team were overwhelmed by the number of older people who both attended our events and offered incredibly positive feedback. Many people made their first connections with organisations and groups they’ve continued to attend throughout the year. Some even told us that the festival was a great excuse to get active and engaged again after a period of loneliness or isolation. Our older people really appreciate this festival and are already excited about what it might include this year. Positive Ageing Month is also a super opportunity for you to reach out to people who might not have any previous experience with your organisation. Many groups made great connections last year and saw real benefit from getting involved.

When and where does Positive Ageing Month take place? The festival runs for the entire month of October 2017 and takes place throughout Belfast, though last year a number of trips and outings began in the city and ventured further afield. The team are open to all sorts of interesting venues and locations but would ask you to remember some of our attendees will have specific access issues which we’d like to do our best to cater for.

What next? Complete the registration form by Thursday 3 August. For any further information please contact Anne Ross, Age-friendly Belfast Team by email